Friday, February 15, 2008

Romney backs McCain?

This is what I don't quite get about politics... at the beginning, we all seem to have a pretty good idea of who we would like to win, more importantly, who we wouldn't like to win, (at least at first). Honestly I really loved Romney's campaign because he seemed - to me, to be one who brought ethics into the game, I liked his approach, and i was saddened to see his "opt out" of the race.
Now, as soon as Mitt quit, we were all forced to jump onto another band wagon and root for our second place guy,,,or girl? Well, I honestly don't want Hillary, which I'm sure most Repubs don't, and I really don't want McCain, I think he is too much of a shoot first ask questions last, type of guy, so since my main man Mitt was no longer in the running, I went with my second place guy, Barak Obama, I really like him, I think he would - if ellected, be a great president. It was a shock to me however to see Mitt back up McCain, it's weird because, at one point I was going to vote for a guy who i thought would do a great job running the country, and then I see him support his all-time rival, and it brings up the question; how far do we really support our president ellects? because honestly, I will not vote for McCain just because he got Romney's backing, although as a believer in Mitt I probably should, because I know he wouldn't steer us wrongly, but I can't agree in his support, so I will be leaining towards Obama in 08, but the race isn't over, it hasn't even really begun.
Nick Jarvis